Thursday, 12 January 2012


Today was the first ballet class of the year - W O O T !  Or that was how I felt till we started the tendus - then the lack of practicing co-ordination started to show, and my brain got fuzzy. But this is the start of Much Better Things, and it is always good to START.

The neighbour has decided he does not want his compost pile any more - his kids played on his rotary clothesline, broke it, and he is putting in a straight extendable line, with the post over the old compost heap. So we took the wheelbarrow over, and brought the compost back. Then I Pulled out the weeds:

This 'summer' has involved A Lot of rain, so the weed and other plant growth can be described as Luxurious.

It looked like this:

As you would expect.

Then I put the compost on and :

Notice the darker colour! Its about 25cm thick. So now I need to get the vegetables in there before the weeds come back even More luxurious.

After all that - I'm knackered.

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