Monday, 23 January 2012

Free motion quilting #2

Better late than never! Have been making placemats for my practice bits. The sons have chosen their own material...
The top of son #1's mat

The bottom of son #1's mat
 This came out OK. I used pin basting and the stitching is good tension wise. The scale changes quite a bit, and one side is definitely a larger scale than the other. Totally invisible faults from the top.

My mat top

My mat bottom

My mat bottom close up
My mat was a pig's bottom to quilt. I tried spray basting and must have used the wrong stuff. It was just caused spray adhesive, but in my defence it had a picture of a quilt on it! The needle got covered in glue, and then the top thread couldn't flow through and it would break. A LOT. The second photo of mine shows how often it broke, and its like that all over. But I liked the fabric and it is going to get a thrashing with food and going through the machine so I perserved. All the problems are invisible from the front.

What I learned: some huge quilting problems are all but invisible under patterned fabric, so chillaxe. And don't use dodgy spray adhesive on quilts. Work on keeping a constant scale! (How timely)


  1. You're doing a good job!And, I'm scared to even try basting spray...

  2. I'm try to be brave about trying new stuff in quilting this year. The free motion quilt along is a big part of that, and I still want to get REAL basting spray and try it. Saying that, I just bought some new basting pins... !