Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Starry starry night

So our FMQ task was to go stipple round some objects - I did consider not doing this one, but then got inspired about doing some stars on a place mat - I want six large quilted mats to put on my rather delicate table. I've done three as part of this project, so why not continue?

So I did:

Four stars in a stippled ground

One of the stars.

I found doing this pretty easy. I'm happy with the stippling, and having a plan was a sensible way to get the job done. I also got to practice using a stencil and FMQing round it without spinning the quilt. The back is very dark, with a matching dark brown thread, and you can't see anything in a photo, so I haven't shown it.

What I learned: Having a plan is a good thing.

Major success story: I didn't 'have' to OR accidentally break the thread for the stippling. So I only had the start and stop threads to hide.


  1. Your quilting looks wonderful!

  2. Your stippling looks great! I also found this week rather easy (except for my machine/needle problems). Leah really helped by giving us a path to follow. ~Jeanne

  3. I love your fabric: the star looks great on it.

  4. Way to get it done without any starts and stops! I managed to sew myself into corners.